In 2011 my parents saw a girl from Bihar and finalised my marriage, one day he asked me to come home (I live in Kolkata, my parents live in north bengal), and said girl's dad is visiting you should come. They said girl is in collage and within one year she will complete her collage. That day they did roka, after few days I spoke with girl and realised she is in class eleven and only 16 years of age. I said to my parents that I won't get married with this girl. But they did not agreed and start emotionally blackmailing me. In 2012 when I was 23 and she was 17 they married us. I asked her to do the graduation then we will stay together. I came back to Kolkata and she stayed in north bengal. Its 2016 and she still not graduated. Not even completed her first year and left the collage saying she can't do. She will do it from Bihar. We never been together in last 3 and half year. I spoke with my parents and get parents about mutual divorce but both are not agree. What should I do? Is there any chance I ll get divorce?