Health issues because of passive smoking

Hi I am facing an issue with my neighbor who is a chain smoker and a party freak.He is married but his wife doesn't stay with him.He brings his friends and smoke.I live just above him and due to wind smoke enters in my flat every time he smokes.He smokes in everywhere in his flat and we get the smoke.I have a 9 year child who has developed eye allergy due to smoke in the bathroom which comes through a common duct.He never admits he smokes.We don't have any issues with his smoking but it should not harm my child's health the smoke should not enter our flat. Kindly advice I live in a multistoried.He is the only person who smokes in the whole apartment others go outside and smoke as they are living with their family. Two more neighbours are facing issue because of this neighbor.We and other neighbours have pleaded and requested already but he doesnt care. but how can I live this way.Kindly advice My eyes have also started burning and throat becomes sore.He smokes several times in a day.Morning 2-3 times and night also.Weekends party time starts right from Friday.