Car bought from olx

Hi Sir, I bought car by searching from OLX site from second owner. They shown reading 61,000 KMs. I purchased vehicle by examining through known driver. Driver told Car condition is good and we cany buy it. I bought by paying 3,95,000/- two weeks back. Now i took car to service center and they mentioned car reading altered and original reading is 2,00,000 Kms. Car service center told i need to spend 1,20,000 rupees and even more(once they check engine thoroughly). I called the person who sold to me and asked about the reading and issues. Then he replied we also dont know about false reading and he mentioned use car some time and sold it. I dont want to cheat soem other people like him. I told, i will give complaint in police station. He mentioned, go ahead and complain, we bought car 4 months back from first owner and we also dont know about that. If 4 months back is correct, then car serviced in last January 2016 and at that time car reading was 2,00,000 Kms. So it is less than 4 months. Then it looks second owner altered car and cheated me. Can you please tell, If i want file complaint, in which police station i have to file complaint ? I mean The car, where i purchased or the area where i am staying. The car where i purchased is far from where i am staying. What is the best way to proceed on this cheating case ? Thanks in advance. Narasimha