how to get divorce

I want a divorce but my wife is not ready for it, i am an indian? my wife doesnt take care of me as she was having an affair before our marriage n left him as his family was not ready, we r married for 2.5 years but now i have realized that she's not worth for me as she's only passing time with me as, whenever she wants she leaves me and go her home without our permission. we have a 6 month old son, my mom60 years old, I have 2 sister both are married and settle her own life. my wilfe did not wants my family member with me even she never wants to look my mom with me but my mom still work for the house, mom prepares food for all day n night but she doesnt helps her in that, mom getting down day by day n i am worried, i want a divorce now so that i can marry someone else who can care for them n for me, we r prepared if she takes the kid with her, i asked her for a divorce but shes not ready to do and even not wants to come my home , i cant stay with her. Me and my family members decided and that i should, file divorce file againt her & how can i get a divorce?