Physical and Mental Harrasment for Dowry

Hi My name is Arvind, From Last 9 Year my Sister is Suffering from Physical and Mental Torture for Dowry from her Husband and their In laws, Infact My sister has attempted for Suicide also one time My sister Got Married 10 Year back and after few Days only her in Laws and her Husband started to harassed her for dowry, after one Year she was blessed with a baby boy thought that there In laws and Husband Will stop now for harassing Her but Now they started to beat her also, and asked my sister to bring money from her parents, My parents Inspite of Giving Dowry (Jewelry, car, clothes, Tv, fridge, Washing machine , all necessary household Things) in Marriage beyond their limits by selling property again Managed to Give 2 Lac Rs again on their demand by taking Loan from others , but Her In Laws and husband did not Stop here they again harassed my Sister for Money, They always yell on My Parents and always Abused my Parents in very bad language Now finally few Days back I brought my sister with me and Tried to Log a FIR against Her in Laws and Her Husband but Police Staff are ignoring and asking to come other Time and saying we don’t have enough Staff Today Need Help friends I don’t have any clue what to do whenever I see my sister My she always became upset and lost, mentally Absent she became so nervous now she Can’t even Express how much torture she has faced , Please suggest