Lost files and lost documents from government office

I am woman working in central government office. Q1: As per central government rules, 'Annual Performance Appraisal Report' (APAR in short) has to be shown to the individual before considering his/her case for promotion. My APAR was not shown to me. When I represented to Hqrs, officers colluded. One officer in Hqrs said photocopy was sent and my office said 'Not Received/ Traceable'. The copy was sent to me much later. But when I represented to President of India, misleading reply was given to him stating that copy was sent before considering my case for promotion (the copy which I never received). I tried to get information of diary entries through RTI ACT. I was denied information. The matter came for hearing in 'Central Information Commissioner'. He also denied information stating that my organisation is exempted under RTI ACT except for allegations of corruption and human rights violation. How do I get relief against victimization, corruption and collusion in service matters. Q2: In another matter, CPIO has given a written statement that a file is not traceable from RTI cell. This was said to hide the truth that RTI reply was false & cooked reply given to me on directions of seniors. But CIC ignored the issue of lost files. Because of this false & cooked reply I have suffered a lot and I am not able to defend my case to competent authorities. What can I do?