Unable to lodge FIR towards my in laws - helpless-Domestic Voilen

Dear Sir/Ma'am, I wa married on 1.08.2015 in jalandhar ,it was an online marriage proposal (bharatmatrimony.com),at my in laws place they people behaved very rude towards me & my family members ,lots of violence ,harassment,abusive words & lot more things ,finally when the height for limit has been acrossed i called my parent on 30.12.15 that i can move ahead with this relationship ,i came back to my mom place after a police case, My concern to share my problem here is that no one is guiding us the correct things,i am feeling very confused against the case me and my parents have registered in court,no police officer is ready to hear ,neither in women cell ,they are treating us in very bad manner.My in laws must have offered some amount to them and i am very sure about it. My in laws (husband,Mother in law,father in law & my brother in law) misbehaved with my family members physically as well as over phone many a time (we do have recordings also),now after all this i want to FIR against my in-laws but they are not ready to help us out.Mr.Bhupender (S.I.,Gharaunda)told me "kuch bhi kar lo file toh ghum fer ke mere pass aaygi" ,Mr.Manoj (S.H.O,Gharaunda) we have given each proof they have asked from us as well as a C.D. containing recording about those abusive words but they are not ready to Lodge the FIR towards them niether they are ready to take any action. Feeling so much confused that these officers are ready for a bribe but not ready to help a girl who is in a problem. Hope you can suggest me that what procedure to be followed? Thanks & Regards Kirti Mehandiratta.