Bank loan

Sir ,I have stood as guarantor for a company as keeping my property as collateral guaranty in the year 2011 for the company on my property along with two other properties procured a loan for rupees 1.64 crore and shared a partial amount with me which was sanctioned on my property about 22 lakhs.The company later enhanced the loan by keeping another property to sum of 2.74 crores in year 2013.The partners of the company defaulted the loan and the company was declared as a NPA .Now the bank guys are trying to take over the possession of my property as none of the partners a paying the loan. Lately i had come to know that the partners have forged the documents and have availed the enhanced loan and transferred around eighty lakhs to another company which is owned by them. thats the reason they are not interested in paying the loan amount.iam ready to pay the amount i have taken. I have tried to get the documents they submitted in the bank so i can take a leagal action but the manager denied to provide the same. I am literally in a soup the bank guys are after me to take the possession of the property , i am being held responsible for the overall loan the company partners have taken.I am being made a scape goat. Please suggest me what can i do ,shall i approach the higher authorities in the bank or file a police complaint ....please suggest