Succession Certificates

My father Passed away on 2012 after one year (2013) we had filed the petition. After submitting all the documents and undergone with questioning procedure from the judge As per the advocate, he is telling that the paper has been gone to the local magistrate for his signature and it's been more than 4 months. Before that, my advocate assured me that all the works have been done and you will be getting your certificate on Dec 2016. But yet not we have got any information from him. So kindly help me with the below-given points. 1. How much time it take to get the succession Certificate? 2. If all procedures went correctly that mean we haven’t got any problem from the opposition, so in that case how much time needed for the judge to propose the judgement? 3. Is it necessary to take the signature from the magistrate of that state? 4. After getting the signature from the magistrate, how much time again it will take to hear the final call? Kindly help me because we are struggling with this case since 3 years, and still we are not getting any confirmation. Even the case is very clear with no obligation, no opposition parties are there but still judge is not announcing the final result. Every time when he receives our case in his table with all the clearance he again keeps new thing which we got cleared already with his reference only and later he ask again a paper of confirmation for that which takes again 6 Months.