Cheated by neighbor

I have 10 cents of land in Kerala, the back side of the plot share boundary with another 10 cents plot. Both plots were of same height separated by barbed fence for over 10 years. Owing to a boundary issue, I decided to create boundary wall on all sides. When I came to build the wall, the neighbor behind my plot was excavating his plot for construction and storing the mud into my plot. I was not asked permission. On seeing me there, he asked me if he could store it for a few weeks. I told him I came to construct the boundary wall. He told me that he is willing to cooperate. He asked me to carry on constructing the wall on other 3 sides in the meantime. It took 2 months for them to remove their soil from my land. They also raised their plot by another 3 meters in height by filling it up. When I approached to construct boundary wall, he asked me to bring my worker to construct the wall since he is tied up with the house construction and assured he would pay half. I got some workers and in his presence completed the wall. After which he refused to pay for the wall, I told him unless the amount is settled, I wont allow him to construct a wall on top. He never paid. Recently after completion of his house, without my permission he constructed the wall on top the boundary wall. Is it allowed to construct on the boundary wall without the permission of the neighbor? What is the law for constructing a wall on top of boundary wall? Should it be in the middle of the boundary wall or can it be constructed towards the edge? The boundary wall stands equally in both plots along boundary line. But the wall on top is constructed on my side of the boundary wall so that the whole boundary wall has come inside his plot. Is this not encroaching my land? Looking back, I know my neighbor had planned everything which I failed to notice until I was cheated. If I had constructed the boundary wall back then, I would have created a small boundary wall, he would have to create another wall to accommodate the mud when he raises the height of his plot. So he made me wait till he raised his land and made me bare the complete expense of constructing a bigger wall. He dumped all the construction waste into my plot and created a wall of waste along the boundary wall in my plot. Behind this, he hid a newly constructed drain pipe into my plot. There is a drain pipe in his plot which he blocked. Is there any requirement for placing septic tank in the plot, it is created very close to the common boundary wall? I have notice that he is not followed the building bye laws. Do I have the right to bring this to the notice of officials? Is there anything I can do legally now?