Am I entitled to maintainence charges and club expenses

Respected Sir/Madam, Around 8 years back I was interested in a property which is a plot situated just outside Pune and the objective was future investment purpose. I have payed almost 5 Lacs Indian Rupess through monthly instalments for which I have receipts as well. The property developer has an office There has been not much developments in that area but most importantly my personal circumstances changed drastically. I have not registered the property in my name and neither taken possession of it. Am I entitled to pay the maintenance charges which includes club expenses of Rs.75,000 without getting the plot registered in my name and taking no possession of it ? Can someone advise me which section of the property law speaks about liability to maintainence charges please. The property developer has added maintenance & other miscelleaneous charges along with interest upon it and added it to the due amount. Kindly advise me how should i go about to get the money back from the property developer. As far as i know unless and untill I dont take pocession of the property I am not liable of any maintenance charges or any interest on it. Kindly advise on this and my entitlement to claim. Many Thanks Regards, L John