Interim Maintenance & accommodation

I was staying abroad on a dependent visa of husband after my husband filed the petition for divorce. He was constantly pressurising me to not stay at his place as the petition is filed but I did not leave from the house. He never came to the house when I was there and eventually he left the job and thus my visa was cancelled and was forced to come to India. As I had the key of my matrimonial home in the name of my in laws but my passport has the same address I went inside the house and applied for urgent injunction. Immediately my in laws came in from abroad after 2 days and changed the locks when I was in the court. They threatened from the society by giving a letter that they will complain to police. I was called after 2 days for granting injunction but in those 2 days getting scared of police I stayed at my parents place and on the judgement day I wasn't granted injunction as the judge decided its not so urgent and the defence lawyer adjourned the date to our first counselling that is in June and settle the matter. If the matter doesn't get settled will I still be entitled to get Interim maintenance and alternate accommodation? The defence lawyer was talking about having filed a criminal case for trespassing ? is it possible? What is the next step I can take?