Can i ply my commercial taxi released against supardginama

I got my commercial taxi released on supardari from Jhajjhar civil court as the case is still pending for disposal. As my vehicle met with an accident, I had to get it released on supardari to claim the insurance, which was also eventually declined by the insurance company. Now, it has become a problem for me to keep the said vehicle in my custody as it is not in a movable condition and I have to pay monthly charges to the person whose place I have occupied for keeping the said vehicle. Also, the RC of the vehicle is with the court. My question is incase, I manage to get the vehicle repaired and make it roadworthy again, will I be allowed to ply the said vehicle on road again as a commercial taxi. IF NOT, then, can I convert the said vehicle to a private registration number and keep it for my own use. Third option is to put up an application in the court seeking permission to dispose of the said vehicle OR put up an application in the court for cancellation of superdaginama and handover the custody of the same back to the court