Can transfering property by gift deed be done through a GPA/POA?

Hi, We Informally are in a possession a residential property, whose possession we hold since 33+ years but was actually bought a still before. My grandfather had bought it and registered it in the name of my grandmother's Sister (Note my grandpa has only one wife), and had got a will registered saying that after demise of my grandmother's sister the property will be inherited by my grandmothers heirs (I,e my mother and her 5 sisters). Now my grandfather passed away a month back, and we want to have the property registered in my grandmother and her five daughters name. But the issue is my grandmother's sister lives in Mumbai and is not in great health and the property under consideration is in Kundapur, Karnataka, so she herself cant come,so will it be possible for her Son to take a GPA/POA and come over to native and register the property in our name, VIA Gift deed, We are already holding a WILL that gives us full rights but we want to liquidate the property soon, so we want it via GIFT deed route. How Can we go about this?