Rearding loan npa

Dear Sirs, I have borrowed a loan from xxx bank 2 years back in my company name (proprietor is me) and i was repaying it regularly till date. The same bank has issued a credit card to me 1 year back. They have tied that credit card with my cash/credit account (CC loan acct). They started paying to my credit card account from my CC load acct. Because of small down in my business I couldn't able to repay my loan and credit card too (for the last three months). Because of the non payment for the last 3 months my loan was moved to NPA. In the mean while I have taken some jewel loan too in the same back in my name personally. Now if I want to renew that jewel loan they are accepting only the interest and they are telling that i can not renew as well as close the jewel loan as am the proprietor of my company in which I took loan which is NPA now. The bank officer is telling that i have to close the NPA first then only I can operate any of my other acct (which are in my personal name) including my Jewel loan. Is it possible to do so. If not what should I do to recover my Jewel from that bank. Kindly advise.