Cheated by my boyfriend

Dear Sir, I had a relationship with a guy from past 3 years. Besides this Im married and no kids yet and I was innocent that I had bought Andriod mobile and got installed facebook and though this I met my boyfriend (muslim). He kept chatting with me day and nite and withing span of 15days he came to meet me and very first day of our meet he asked me give some amount where he had to pay someone around 18000 and thereby i paid him around 25000 on first meet and there after he kept forcing me to meet on every month and he was coming to me just to have sex and utilize my money and not only this he had a relationship with a old lady around 55years of age who stays near his house and my boyfriend and that lady calls themselves that they both are mother and son but that lady has got already 2 sons of same age of my boyfriend and last year when i came to know about their hidden relationship my boyfriend tried convincing that lady is his mother though he had his own parents and brothers and sisters in same place and now I came to know about full history of my boy friend that he has several relationships with so many girls and ladies by trapping them through facebook. After making friendship he goes to meet them and use her and use her money later he gives that girls contact to his personal relationship lady and that lady calls his girl friends and hells like anything. So, like this he has done with me also from past 3 years and nearly around 4 lakhs have given to my boyfriend for so many reasons and he had one reason of settling the loan at Sriram finance and later for his personal expenses. Now I have stopped talking to him but hes still happy making fraud friendships with ladys and girls in facebook and keeps chatting day and nite and he does not go for any job just he will spend his days with that old lady just because she has enough money to look after my boy friend needs and his family members. Not only this they both have sex on daily basis though her husband sons knows about this affair and also my boyfriend family and this ladys family is aware of this relationship. The moment I saw his facebook account I was literally shock seeing so much chattings hes done with girls and ladys and he chooses only the well settled married ladys without having much husbands or not in good relations so that my boyfriend can use them and throw them when not needed. Like this he has used me very well and when I stopped him giving money he stopped talking to me or chatting with me. So, I really wanted to send a notice to him stating that I wanted to file a criminal case against him by cheating me and for utilising me and false promise that he will marry me. My family is middle class and Im scared to file a case if my family knows then they may hit me but I wanted to teach him a lesson that in his life my boyfriend should not cheat any girls or ladys in future just because of this I wanted to send a constable to give him dumky or a sample notice so that he should scared by seeing the notice and he should come to me to apologise for whatever he cheated to me.