I want to kno hw to withdraw my 498a case which i filed in Jan 18

Dear sir, my husband was not ready to give me the divorce and was harassing me too much so finally to seek divorce my advocate suggested I should file a 498 a which I filed it on jan 18. after a period of two months my husband finally agreed to give me divorce and we mutually applied for mubra (talaq) and with proper witness and registered advocate we got our divorce. but the condition from my husband for giving me divorce was that I will set him free from 498a. Now even after 90 days past still police has not submitted charge sheet nor they have arrested anyone against the 498a. Now police are making excuses that I cant withdraw my case from police station and are purposely wasting my time by calling me daily to police station giving all wrong suggestions. Please suggest me sir how now I can withdraw my case, as advocates are asking for charge sheet, police says for filling charge sheet we have to arrest in-laws and husband and husband threatens me that if his parents get arrested he will ruin my whole life. so on simple note and without troubling anyone I would like to withdraw my case please suggest and help me out sir.