Land dispute

We are settled in Mumbai and have our ancestral house in Varanasi , Uttar pradesh. We share this house with our cousin brother & his family. The house was quite old & It broke down . To rebuild the house , the whole structure was dismantled. We discussed the plan and cost of rebuilding the house with our cousin and left for Mumbai. When we asked our cousin about the progress he said it will take more than double the planned cost which is obviously an exaggeration as he wants to snatch away extra money from us. We asked him to leave out half part of the land for which he is not ready, Now He is dividing the property in an unjust manner building his house in the centre and leaving out boundaries for us . With such a distribution , We have to again leave some part of our land to give him a path to go out. We are not happy with this construction but here comes the biggest hurdle , This land falls under 'Villege abadi' , People are saying there is no legal way to put a stay on this construction and citing examples of other families which have given up rights on their lands just because they were settled somewhere else and locals captured their property. People are saying that the only way is to use force and fight to get back the land. However, I have full faith in our judiciary system & I believe there should be a lawful means to get back our right. This is why I want to seek the counsel of eminent lawyers on this forum. Please Help !!