Harrasment of icici bank

Sir my friend was a 10 th class failed (qualification),he don't know more official matter's and he worked in saree showroom,in Hyderabad when he taken personnel loan from ICICI bank(Rs.10,000/- respectively) in 2007. every month a agent/collection executive collect the EMI from him,few month's after my friend shifted from another place in same city and inform to collection agent/executive but about 6 month's no one contact him ,suddenly that 6 months after he received a call from bank/call center and my friend obeyed to pay respectively EMI's and he pay two emi's and request to the executive to recover emi's from next month at this new shifted address the executive note the adress ,phone number also It happened in year 2008. after 8 years they awake from deep sleep and start harassing him by phone call's,from two month's and demand to pay (they told the due's are Rs 36000/- ) within 30th of april 2016 .but my friend now days facing some family ,and financial crisis,but he still ready to pay the amount Rs 20,000/- but in emi's, so sir kindly suggest what to do,and how to clear the issue thanking you