Seller absconding after taking advance from other party

Hi, I bought a property and i have original sale deed, khata certificate, and EC in my name. Last year somebody filed a case against the seller. This is how events have taken place - Seller takes 25 laks advance from another person, and promises to sell the property. This is recorded with DDs and written agreement on a stamp paper.( this agreement is not registered ) - Seller gives 3 months time for them to arrange for the rest of money ( around 15 laks). It is written in the agreeement that if they fail to execute the deed in 3 months, it will be null and void. - Even after 4 months they are not able to arrnage rest of the money, so the seller sells the property to me. I have the registered sale deed, khata and EC in my name - BUT ... the seller DOES NOT return the 25 lak advance to the other person. - So the other person runs behind the seller to get back his advance, for nearly 2 years and still not able to get back the money. - Eventually the seller turns absconding. - Finally the other person has filed a civil case making the seller as primary party and me as the secondary part ( since the house is in my name ) Court has issued multiple summons to the seller and he hasnt accepted any. So currently this case is in the STEPS process agaist seller What would be the probable outcome for this case? Please advice Thanks Nagaraj