Landlord not returning the deposit

Sir I rented a studio flat on sep 6th 2015 for 11 months period with security deposit of 15000. On 4th February 2016 my water line got cut when we enquired the secretary of the flat we came to know that the owner has not made any water bill since 4 years which is like 13000/-. So TMC had removed the connection. In the agreement it is mentioned that licensee don’t have to pay any water bill. When we informed our owner Mr. Dusing he asked us to pay the whole payment to open up the water line. We refused and he asked to pay the rent in advance (5000) so that he can make the arrangement for remaining cash . But nothing happened. Without water we spent more 12 days in the room. Finally we decided to leave the flat and we informed him the same. For 10 days I was in kerala for ma personal matters. He decided to give the deposit once we back. We came back on 5th march from then till now he hardly picks up the call, giving reasons like he don’t have cash. We have the key with us. Even the relator (broker) have no idea what to do. We have cleared all the electricity bills and all. Please help me sir. I am moving back to kerala in 1 month.