How to get divorce from Wife. She is threatening me and my family

Sir / Madam, I married on 04-June-2015. Post marriage I found that she has acute menstrual irregularity (PCOS) and no cycle for up to 3 months and that too after medication. One doctor even prescribed Viagra to her. She left me and went to her parent's place on 04-Feb-2016. Earlier also she went to parents place and stayed for 30-40 days just to return and say that her periods happened when she was at parents place Now she has filed Restitution of Conjugal Rights along with case of Domestic Violence against me and my parents. We are staying separately for 6 months and more. Since she has filed a fake DV case, I am afraid if she puts further trouble in future if I stay with her. I have Doctor's prescription advising her to take Viagra: EDSAVE for her Impotence along with medicines for PCOS correction and Fertility improvement. She broke the treatment midway and went to her parent's place. My wife is a 1st class B.Tech Engineer, with previous work experience and also takes tuition classes. Recently she has left job to strengthen her demand for maintenance. Can this help me avoid maintenance and also get divorce. What should I do? Please suggest how I can get a strong advocate in Kolkata.