Termination of employment with out sufficient reason.

I was terminated from my employment after 7 years of service from a UK based MNC who has a defence contract with Indian Air force. I have been working with this company since 2009 as an Administrator for IT/Logistic/Admin inside the Indian Air force Base. Recently they wind up their project office from here and transfer my employment to their other project office with no changes to my work and work location. Then they start compelling me to do more jobs as one of my subordinate will move to another location. I did ask for a salary review for this additional jobs but they threatened me for a resignation. I did not submit my resignation then they moved to a termination on spot with a one month salary in advance and paid my gratuity along with it. I am in the age of 45 so it is very difficult to find a similar job in India. My whole salary packages nearly 12 Lac per annum, My termination was happened on 4 of April and I received final settlement on 7th of April 2016. Is there any legal way to get my job back? Many thanks, Truly yours, Vinod.