Transfer of lady bank manager

Myself is a senior manager of a public sector bank. regarding my transfer my employers vindictive attitude seems shameless. being a lady zonal head she purposely sending me to a distance 280 kms away from my home near Bangladesh border to a 45years old branch asa first lady branch manager. for running the branch i faced there tremendous problem everyday. fourteen months i stayed there alone at the age of 56 years. again she send me a branch near petrapole border and it takes 5 hours for up & down 120 kms journey from my home. is it a commutable distance for delivering customer service in a bank.i have a responsibility for attending office within 10 A.M but there is no responsibility of my employer to understand the real facts? i applied for consideration of my posting to our chairman may be for the green signal from higher authority i was transferred to a branch and my difficulties was minimized.there was a vacancy not created for me but already there was.again on the last working day at kolkata my zonal manager mam issued a transfer order directing me to join the same branch as early as possible. why my service is essential at the same remote branch is not clear to me. please advice how to proceed keeping in mind how a 56 years old lady is transferred in difficult areas repeatedly?i believe kaanoon should be same for all .