Need Advice on a specific situation of debt

Hello Sir/Madam, I am student and seeking to get advice on what to do next after an unfortunate incident that happened recently. My father had a business in which he went on loss 4 months back and had close that recently. We owed money to one person - General Store Owner. It amounts upto 1.25 lakhs. From past month, he was contacting us continuously so that we repay his money. But we are not in a position to pay him money for the next 2 months. He suddenly showed up at our rented home and started shouting, and called his mother - who was just another shouter and abused my father and mother very absurdely in front of all my neighbors. They were not ready to talk nor they were in mind to listen anything. We are not denying to pay money but my father quoted them that he will be able to repay some amount in mid-august. But they wouldn't just listen. He - the shop owner to whom we owed money forcibly took our activa and television and we could do nothing just to keep calming them down. But they just wouldn't listen. His mother abused my mom and dad, moreover took our belongings. We are not locals og gurgaon so were were hesitating to call police at the moment. What should we do?