Threatning minority for doing lawfull business

Sir as i am a busniess man who is running a business of stone crusher which relat to minor mineral like stone ..i am having a leased aproved by district collector of my judiciary but sarpanch of that village is threatning me from doing lawfull business as he too have a stone crusher ,because of same businees the felling of jealous anger arrived in him , as i belong to minority community as they are trying to destroy me from all side as they have the power of grampanchayat raj they are abusing and missusing that power . They have stop the road which connect to my mine ,point be noted that this road is 40 year have been over and in past there was no problem .now theyhave stop the road by the help of the land owner from whose land road was give by goverment for mine activity .As they are the ruleing party of grampanchayat no one is ready to give evidence against them as they are threatning the person who is supporting us that they will boycott him from village ,as lack of evidence against them they are mentally harasing me by complaning fake cases against me that there lease should be cancel ,they just want to throw out my lawfull business to have monopoly in the teritory , please help me regarding this case it is a case between a common man vs political power abusier