Property partition

Hello, My question concerns succession of property in Gujarat, India. Long story short, my grandfather had property, both residential and commercial. My grandfather has 6 heirs (all males) who have a legal right to the land – two out of the six heirs have passed away. The properties have names associated to each piece of land; however, the land was assigned per Hindu ceremonies and the use of Jyotish to figure out whose name would be on the land. For example, heir named Person A, has property X, Y, Z in his name because the Jyotish said it would be good luck. To best of my knowledge, my grandfather never left a will/deed saying how and whom the property will be divided. We are seeking to have the land divided up among the 6th brothers and their families equally, but there is always that one greedy soul who wants everything for himself. That is the sole reason we have not been able to make any progress towards this property partition. A couple of question I have: 1. Are there any laws or loopholes that would assist in any way? If yes, on what basis. 2. Do the Hindu Succession Act apply in this case, since the ownership of property was done through Hindu rituals? 3. How much time would a court proceeding take? I need this matter to be solved ASAP. 4. Is this a case in which it would be pointless to spend money on? 5. Would the court subpoena any/all individuals involved in legal matter? 6. Whoever has the best answer may gain my business. We are seeking for justice to be served in the eyes of Indian law. Thank you for your help! Any assistance will greatly be appreciated. -PP P.S. If you answer my question, please don't forget to leave a name and number.