Require a Suggestion

Hello Sir/Madam, I belong to a bengali middle class family. My parents stay in kolkata and me and my wife stay in Mumbai, as I work out from here. Before moving to Mumbai in Jan 2016, me and wife were staying in Chennai where we both used to work. I am married for 3 years. The journey has been with lot of ups and downs. However, in last 1.5 years the relationship was on positive side. However, I believe my mother-in-law is constantly keeps poking my wife. To some extent I feel my wife is bullied by her mother. Due to this indifferent attitude from my inlaws, I rarely speak with them. Decisions by my wife are more all less governed by her mother. The same can be tracked by their call records. Very recently my in-laws visited my flat in Mumbai, and on the very second day of the visit my mother-in-law had a huge verbal altercation with me resulting in insult to my self respect. At this point I would also like to mention that such thing has happened twice in the past as well at the place where my parents stay. I require a suggestion wherein I could resist my mother-in-law from poking into the relationship of me and my wife. Is there any legal option to such issues?