Partition deed after the death of father intestate

My father died intestate in the yer 1993. We are 9 childrens, 4 females and 5 males. During the lifetime of my father, two of my brothers got their property share from my father. out of 4 sisters, one sister died duirng the year 1970 and she had 4 children. One brother also died recently (who got his share when my father was alive), and his wife and 4 children are there. After the death of my father, one of my brother suggested to enter into a partition deed among 3 of us (3 brothers out of 5) So we entered into a partition deed and got it registered debarring all other sisters and brothers . It has been mentioned in the partition deed that THERE ARE NO ANY OTHER PERSON IN THIS PROPERTY OTHER THAN WE THREE. is this corrrect? what is the validity and authenticity of this Partition Deed, as there are 7 members still alive and 8 lineal descedentans . When consulted the Village Officer for pokkuvaravu (Mutation) village officer told me that there is no any validity of this partition deed, as other legal heirs of this property have not been included in this document. Please throw some light on this matter.