My mother in law troubles me

Hi, I got married in 2015 Aug, my husband works in Bahrain. My MIL gets 3 months visiting visa there and then she goes to her elder son's place. My husband has been trying for her permanent visa or long term visa but it got rejected. Mine is a court marriage and muslim marriage too. From Aug till now my husband and I ve been visting each other's place. I have not stayed with him for long as we have decided before marriage that I will complete my 5 years in my job here in india then I will resign and go and stay with him. Then in Jan I visted him in Bahrain when his mother was not there and then he told me I can continue my job till may as they are planning to come and stay there for sometime. Now the issue is my mother in law wants me to be in contact with her, call her, message her and do as she likes. Her elder daughter in law keeps telling me that she bothers her alot and it has become madatory for her to talk to our MIL daily. And that she fights a lot. On my reception day she asked me to wear what her elder daughter in law wore on her reception. I told her I have got something new and I want to wear that she still asked me to wear what her elder daughter in law wore. I told my husband also i want to wear what i got for the wedding but still he could not say anything to his mother or convince her. Now I am going to resign my job and go to bahrain. I am scared what if my MIL fights with me or bothers me. My husband already started ignoring me and talking less to me from past one month on the pretext of work and other things. When I forced him to tell me what is bothering him he told me he wants me to get involved in his family and start talking to his mother, I told her I will do that but her mother should treat me well, if she is going to be rude with me then I will stop doing that so he fought with me saying that you stay there only, dont come here, we are bad people then he told me I cannot leave my mother. I asked him how can u ask me to stay away from you. He said you are telling me I am forcing you to talk to my mother, I am giving you tensions so you be there only. Now please tell me what to do.