International lotteries

Hello, i want to know that can i playing a lottery held in other Countries from India is a crime or not. i m aware of the FEMA regulations and talked to the lottery ticket concierge service about that, and their reply is below.. "Thank you for your email.It is important for our customers to note that, and its associated brands and websites, offer a premium messenger service and not an online gambling service. Our promise to our customers (and indeed the contract with the customer) is to arrange a legitimate service acting as a messenger and management intermediary. does not arrange or organise a lottery or an actual lottery drawing. Furthermore, the customer never becomes the lottery ticket owner and lottery tickets themselves never cross borders, we are therefore the opinion that our service is not gambling.We have never been shown any specific legislation which prohibits Indian residents from walking in to any lottery licensed retailer and actually purchasing a lottery ticket with their own money. Since many Indians are indeed working for example in the UK, we are absolutely convinced they are not in ontravention of any Indian lotteries act.Secondly, as a user of our service, you are in actual fact not participating in a foreign lottery we are. For example we are entitled, much as you are, to purchase, retain and claim any subsequent winnings on lottery tickets sold through kiosks in the United Kingdom. Since the ticket never crosses a border, we are effectively the purchaser of the lottery ticket. We also manage the retention and any subsequent claims directly with the lottery organiser. From that point onward, the transaction or transfer of any funds is simply an interaction between you, the user, and us, a service providing company. So if you personally are not taking part in a foreign lottery, you cannot be in contravention of any lottery act.This is the anonymity we provide and our customers are all really happy about this.Ultimately you are paying for the aforementioned service from us and therefore not a gambling service. Our final view is that we are no different than a concierge service that just happens to order and retain your lottery ticket in the country where it originates. It just so happens that you are actually paying for the concierge service rather than for the lottery ticket. It is irrelevant that the cost of the lottery ticket just so happens to be included in the fee for the concierge.We hope this answers some of your questions. If you would like further information on our alternative payment methods." this was their answer i want to know whether it is possible or not