Mental harassment

It's an arrange marriage and they said they don't want anything just your daughter. My dad did what ever he can do to make it a grand wedding. My husband is from hyderabad so he gave cash and jewelry for for everyone. But from next day they started taunting me and say that your father is worse than a beggar he can't give you anything. Their treat me like a servant, I told ask my dad can you please give him a bike I can't listen to them anymore. On my 1st marriage anniversary he gave Xtream bike. After some time he use to go to masjid for Nawaz n all and started wearing karta pyjama, I got soo irritated. I asked him do you wana be a Muslim but he denied, he said I like it and that's why I'm doing this. And when I gave birth to a baby girl he want her name to be ZOYA and now he had excepted that he got converted to Muslim religion. Still I tried to live with him but now he and his family force me to except Islam but I don't want to and I will never. From 2 yrs I'm living with my father. What kind of case I can file against them. And is it too late to file any case against my husband and in-laws.