Threat by watchman & executive committee of apartments owners ass

Dear Sir, Threat by watchman and executive committee of apartments owners association as they have collected cash from me towards corpus fund, maintenance & other repairs but not entered in book which they are maintaining since, i have given police complaint several times on watch man & executive committee Association got registered in 2013 but no Bank account, not issuing receipts for the cash collected from owners of the Apartment and so far not filed even single document with Registrar by Association. i do not have any evidence that i have made payment to association and they are not allowing me to use Lift from past 2 months continuously and this happened many times in past 3 years as my family is scared and left the apartment 15 months back and i am alone living in this apartment. i would like to drag the culprits to court even it takes 10 years or so i do not mind because they have threaten my family and i lost peace and family is leaving separate because of threat as my family frightened. will i get compensation because of deficiency of service and lost peace to live in my own apartment and insult so i need permanent solution hence i request you to please give me your valuable advice Thanking you Seku.Madhu