Iam Mr. Aditya, this case is in reference for my family relation. iam married in the year 2015 Feb month, my wife hardly with me for 2months & she used to live more at her parents home. soon after marriage she used to pressurize me to keep a separate family leaving my mother alone. in the month of may 2015 her pregnancy got confirmed but she never used to take medication properly , in the mean time on 4th may she asked me to send her to her parents home., i said her to go but i asked her return back by evening considering her health for this reason she called up her parents and relatives and with help of them they made nuisance at my residence and treated us with filthy language and scoldings & left us shamed in my neighbourhood & took my wife to their home. on 13th may i got intimated that my wife's scan is not good & also got a message from hospital that she was admitted.. immediately i reached hospital but by that time they started abortion procedure without my consent. i complained the same at local police station and they directed my case to mahila police station. i brought this to DCP notice but nothing has happened on 3rd Sep 2015 they filed 498a case on me & my mother and Brother., they counseled both of us and as nothing happened they directed this case to DLS, where she agreed to come if i take up separate family but soon after she changed her mind said she dont want to join me. Later i tried many a times bring her back to my home. but she rejected my proposal and instead she & her family members all the way harassed me treated me very bad. finally iam fed up with my decision and thinking to divorce her as she is not interested to join me. hence i requested you to help me to take a decision.