I want divorce from my husband

Dear Sir I am Yadav Hindu married woman, age 27 years, lived in Deoria U.P. I was married six years back near my village. I spend six years with my husband and his family in Delhi. I was always harassed by them about dewberry. But I managed. I have no child in this years. This was also the point of harassment. There was no good relationship with my husband. He was engaged with some one. But I ignore. Last Year I met with a Muslim married man having two children.He has a good personalty and working at good post. He was living alone in front of us, His relation with his wife was also not good, and he left them in his village. His care for me make me love with him. He also loves me. This matter become serious and every one knew it. My saw us together. and matter become serious. He started to beat me every day. My lover was with me and wants to save me and he changed the room from there. But we met regularly. My lover was also disturb with my harassment. He lost his job due to poor performance. He shifted to another city without knowing me and to any one. Finally I Lost my patience and left home. I reached to my MAMA house and lived there for 15 days. My husband were searching me. The contact mt lover about this and asked him about me. and warn him to file case on him. after 15 days I reached my village with my mama. My parents force me to send me to my husband village. But I did not want to go there. I contact my lover he was still searching me.After my call he relax. He wants to marry with me and as well as me. The Finally I also reveal a truth that my parents are not these. I am anath. That's way these people did not give my any treatment for my illness and did not worried about me. They did not allows me to go out any where.They often says to kill me. Kindly suggest how Can I get rid of all these. Mainly I want divorce from my husband, and he is out of country of last 1 year and will remain for next 1 year more. If I live here I will be killed by these people. Kindly suggest