Property dispute

SIR, We are one brother and sis(me).We both are married.I am living in Gujarat.Brother has done love marriage and living seperate(for 12-13yrs).my father's house in my mother's name name which is purchased by father income.My mother was a housewife,she expired in april 2013.Just before 6-7 months brother came with his family to live with parents and after mother's death june 2013 he went with his family.He created too much problems with father which you can understand very well.Now living alone and i am taking care of him.Now house was in mother's name so legely it has divided in three(fath. bro. and sis(me))My father wants that house to be transfer to daughter(me).Brother is not ready to give and waiting to father death so he can occupy full house.I am living far and cannot fight.This i came to know that father can transfer his share but what about brother share which he is not ready to transfer.Now father is retired and 70yrs. please tell me according to which law and act i can use to slove my problem.suggest me very clear and confirm ans. waiting for your reply. thks......pooja goel