Where I am

My parents live in Mumbai from around 40 years. At starting when my grand father live in that house which is a small chawl ,the owner takes rent and gives receipt on my grand father's name but after 2 years later owner refuse to give receip and therefore my grand father also not given any rent to him also there is no agreement was made. My grand father passed away in 1993 and my father live in that house before my grand father passed out. My father have all proofs like Rashan card , Voter ID,Adhar card,PAN card and also electricity and Telephone bill on there name with house address.Also my family members have same proofs. Now the problem is that the owner is try to kicking us from that house without any kind compensation and the same problem happening with 3 other family members on that chawl. There is no WATER connection and Bathroom facility. The owner not giving permission for these and not allowed to modify the house as the house is to old and we suffer space problem also. What can we do to save our house.