Family Property

We have a 200sq yrd. property of our forefathers. Where my uncle(Chacha) was living there since many years. Property is divided into two parts 100sq yrds. each one part was build earlier for factory purpose in 90's and another part was build for residential purpose where my uncle is living right now. after the death of our grand mom it was mutually decided to divide the property into 3 parts One for My Uncle who was already living there will take one part i.e.100 sq yrds. and another 100 sq yrd will be divided between My Father and My Youngest Uncle. Here i would like to mention that My father has 5 Brothers in which one is Elder then him and 2 sisters. Eldest Uncle (Tauji) with two more Uncles and Aunt(Bua) are not interested in taking any part in this property. I want to take my possession legally in the property but nobody showing papers of this property as i have a doubt that my uncle is having all the papers with him and he is hiding from us.Also they are not showing very much interest to handover our portion to us in this property. Recently My uncle let out the ground floor of 100 sq yrd. to some tenant without informing us. Please help what can i do in this situation