Change in Dt Of Birth in Passport&reissue,old passport misplaced

Dear Madam/Sir, I had my passport issued by my parents without my knowledge, at the age of 16 for any work but passport was not used even once and it got misplaced. At that time the agent gave an 8th board certificate on my name in which age mentioned was 19 based on which passport was made. According to actual certificates of education I was 16 at that time. When I needed a passport at the age of 24 I applied for fresh passport instead of re-issue without knowing the procedures as it was lost and with wrong credentials. In appointment passport office saw my old passport from their record and sent me to Police Office for verification of documents, police says to go to court for change of DOB and also said there is age difference of more than 2 years so it may be complicated. Please let me know the process of a) getting change done as per actuals and b ) what is the process to get passport with right credentials when passport exists in my case. I shall be very thankful to you for your kind help.