My wife filed false case against me and my family members.

Good morning sir/madam, i got married on april 2015 ,my wife stayed with me hardly for 3 days,denied honeymoon saying she has no leave at her work place so she left to pune on 3 may,on 6 april i got a phone call from CAW cell pune informing me that wife has filed a complain against me and my family members accordingly me and my family went to CAW cell pune,where she gave statment that i have slapped her betten her that she cant leave with me anymore,she be going to court and seek justice.................i was shocked by this whole incident without any reason she did such thing,even i gave statment that iam willing to keep her but she wants to go to court whatever be the judgement of court i will accept. after 1 month she with her two sisters ,mother and a guy came to our place saying that even though she stated in CAW that she be going to court , i only must go to court and seek devorce and i should give her some lacs of rupees before i file case of devorce . i straight away denied this terms i said to to them nothing i will be giving to them in hand but be giving it through court if and only if court orders me to do so!!! again after 1 month a i got a summons from CAW in BEED city where she said that she is willing to stay with me only when i leave my home and do job in her city leaving my parents she stated a fake point in her statement this time that my uncle unty ,parents and my self demanded dowry of 10,000 lacs .the very same case i squashed through RTI. now its been a year she filed a case of me being a psychaitric patient and impotent , what should i do now!!!