Divorce related

Hi, I got married on,19Nov2013. Everything was running smoothly but my inlaws were influencing negatively about meband myfamily to my wife. Last year 12jun15 my wife said she she will go to,her mother's place for 2 days and did not yurend up again,.She filed all fake cases against me and my,family to private social foundation. The search report of social foundation also states that my wife is not a victim of domestic voilance and she is been badly influnced by her mother and her mother also thereats her that if ahe comes backto me than she will commite sucide..This has been also confinr by my wife..I,have mde number of attempts to bring her back through yelder relatives,friends,mutual friends,calls messages etc,,my wife says that she wants to come back to me but due to pressure of her parents she is not abke to come back.she,also asked me to come,at her place and take away her from there which I,have done for 3 times.every time,I,goto,take herher parents isult me and dont allow,me,to,enter the house.And at that time my wife supports her parents.So I realy dont know,what should be done.I have all the recordings and proofs were she sais that she wants to come back.Please advise what needs to,be done.