How I should get separated from my wife Annulment or Contested ?

I am kumar, a software engineer in a reputed mnc in india and deputed to USA for an assignment with temporary work visa H1B. My father passed away in 2010 and my family consists of 5 people includes Mother, 2 Sisters(elder married) and 1 young brother unmarried. Being upper middle class family and good earning I decided to marry a girl from a poor family and without asking dowry. I did bear total marriage expenditures. I got married in May 14 2015 to a girl. Intially she was so polite, humble and obedient before marriage. My problems started from the day 1 of my marriage. Before the marriage, in laws told us that they will write 15 cents of land on my wife's name. One of the mediator asked the same during marriage whether they are writing for her or not. My wife's unlce, i.e., her mother's own brother came to my mother's bedroom during the day of marriage and shouted on her. He also abused me saying Im saturn and a telugu word meaning bad luck. We countered him asking how can he speak like that with disrepect and he walking away when people gathered around. We have not decided to stop marriage because of her uncle's behavior as my wife's uninvolvement and calm nature. But everything went wrong after that. On my first night she didn't allowed me touch saying she wasn't well. I just believed it said that we can consult a good doctor. After couple of days I registered my marriage. On the same night she said that she loves someone and if I touch her she will cut her hands and even she will commit suicide. I tried to get the name of the person from but no luck, she refused to tell even after saying that I can help her. I tried to convince her saying either of us doesn't need to suffer and we have to get out of this situation. She used to tell me to follow a mani ratnam movie mouna ragam in which hero get married to a girl, who looses her lover in an accident. On May 24 2015, finally I uttered to my mom saying first night didn't happen as she is not well. Later my mom took her to hospital couple of times and we were told that she is fine. I didn't tell the truth as my mother is having Thyroid, mild Thypoid from long time and recent Jaundice disease which went serious after marriage and later also. I returned USA on the same day. I was really sad, as this is happiest occasion to me after being facing many problems and hurdles. June 7 2015 she left for Ashadam(a ritual and this time it has come for two moths along with mudava another 10 days) . I started calling her from usa to convince her and change. But whenever I tried, she is used to ask me 2 lakhs. Im really scared what she will do with that and our family name will spoil. So I thought getting her to USA and asked her to get her passport done. She used to say she forgot, she will do tomorrow and passed days. One day cleverly I made her to give phone to her mother and finally I asked him to take care of that and he said okay. And she stopped speaking to me after abusing me. I have not heard anything from her for next couple of months. She returned to my home on Sept 7, 2015. Somehow I managed my mom, not to let her know all these things and suffer her at this point of age. My mother thought everything is going fine. On Sept 17 2015, finally my mother found out, as I called my mother at 12.30AM for some work and at the same time she is also speaking on phone. She generally used to think that I am calling her at that time as it will be morning/day time in USA. Immediately she told her not speak in phone after 9Pm untill and unless its very urgent and important. She started saying what hell are you talking(in telugu) and started to pack her lugguage and my mother stopped her. Early morning I called my wife and tried to convince, she didn't listen but she said me like "Don't over act". My mom called her mother home and told everything, she warned her daughter not to spoil her life herself and they went into a room. Her mother when leaving took her phone and requested us not to give her gold and send her out. After one week she said that she want to go home and she want to go alone. We refused her wish and asked their parents to come and take her and drop her safely at home. After couple of days her brother came to pick her and told that he will drop her on next monday. Tuesday we called up to enquire what happened, we tried multiple times to reach them. When finally able to reach them they started abusing my mother and me, saying that Im not good and Im impotent, had a medical prob and check with local satish doctor. We were really shocked. Later my wife called me, they argued with me like hell abusing me and my mother, even mother-in-law scolded me saying Im not a man. I tought it is between us and we can rectify. And there were no calls/meets until Nov 28, 2015. On that day my wife and her mother came to my home. We thought they would compromise and settle things. Surprisingly they started abusing my whole family including my sisters. Suddenly my wife approached people gathered over there and told she is innocent, Im the one impotent and Im not a man. This was so hurting to me. The people around, send them to their home saying as allegations is on incapability, issue is with boy and the girl and he needs to be present between elders. I informed them that I m coming to India max by Dec 2016 and I will try sooner also. They started to bring my relatives, their relatives and unknown people. They even started blackmailing(cases), forcing us(strangers coming to my houses and giving us options) and threats(if she has been in her own home, her score is settled like that. For insecurity reasons, relatives in my native place shifted our home to our native place). They even abusing vulgarly that hurting us. They defaming us saying my mom not good, family not good, my own brother-in-law said to them like that. They crossed the thresholds. They went to the mediators saying that Im suspecting my wife saying that she has a relation with her own uncle son which we didn't tell and doesn't know. 1. Marriage is not consummated, 100% I can prove. 2. Mediators were there to say we have not taken any dowry from them. They wrote a site on both of us after one week and I paid registrations expenses for which I didn't ask them. They asked me sign a promosery note saying that they are writing it as dowry, but I politely rejected. 3. She has not been with me or my mother. 4. I have call recordings of i. She is keeping allegations on me like Im fraud and fake. When I asked her saying why u r keeping false allegations? she said that its her wish and advised me also keep allegations on her and tell our neighbours about her. ii. Her brother said she doent want to go to our home. iii. they relatives abusing us. 5. Witness for the following: 1. When they alleged me saying impotent on the road, many people were there. 2. Mediators to talk about marriage agreement and issues(They opened out the name of her love saying that Im suspecting my wife ) 3. Mediators( for threats, warnings and forces ) Now I am very much depressed, disappointed and I don't want her anymore in my life. I am 100% sure I will not be happy in the future if I get convince and take her. Because in USA and India, DV acts were very strict. Wrong cases and wrong tears will spoil my life. What should I do for getting separated from her? Please advise and make my life living again. For mutual, they would ask much money which I don't have. From my pocket I already spent 13.5 lakhs to marriage expenditures itself. Thanks in anticipation, Ganesj