False Propanganda

Respected Sir/ Ma'am, I'm an Indian individual and I used to be a Christian til about 2008. I then accepted Islam out of my own choice & will and our Constitution too allows us this. I got a Affidavit done and also got a Certificate arranged for one of the big Mosques in Mumbai, India stating that I've accepted Islam as my own choice. I've also got a Gazette done that proves my conversion to Islam and my name change too. I've go to know recently that some people are creating a false propaganda that they've got information that I'm entering an enemy country for illegal activities. I'm quite disturbed by this as I'm a responsible Indian Muslim citizen and I abide by the teachings of Islam that states clearly what is wrong and what is right. i work for a multi-national company and I have my small family. Creating such false propaganda may give the wrong impression to the Police. I have all the documentation to show the Police about my innocence. Please advise how can I take this legally so I can counter this false propaganda. I heard that I can file a SB against people who are doing this but I'm unable to find the name of the person who is involved in this.