Bigamy: Attorney notice, Bigamy case filing, Divorce settelement

I am currently living in US with my husband and our 5-yr old daughter. I was legally married to my husband in INDIA with a proper marriage registration certificate, against my in-laws' wish few years ago. My husband married second time in India couple months ago without my knowledge with proper marriage registration certificate. We still live together under the same roof in USA. When I got to know of his second marriage, I confronted him and he asked my forgiveness citing he had to do it for the sake of his family who live in a rural village in INDIA and says he wants to keep 2 wives, one in US and one in INDIA. But I am unable to trust him any more and feel strongly for securing my daughter's future. Here is what I am thinking of doing. I would like to send an attorney notice to both parties informing the illegality of their marriage and their need to act on it to uphold the law. If the girl agrees to file a petition to void and null her marriage, I would accept it. If my husband wants divorce from me, then I would like to get a decent settlement payment and monthly maintenance support for my daughter and move on with mine and my daughter's lives. Can a lawyer from this forum help me draft the attorney notice to send to both parties? How much is the fees for drafting this notice? Thank you very much in advance for the helps. If the girl doesn't back-out, I am thinking of filing bigamy criminal case petition against my husband and the girl in INDIA. Both families will also be included in the case because they did not check for divorce certificate. Will this petition help me get a substantial settlement?