About settlement of terms and alimony to wife in mutual divorce

My wife is agreeing to a mutual divorce, but she is saying she cant live at her mothers house and would want to live separately, we mutually agreed that I would buy her a house in 6 to 10 months time (as i have to arrange finances) till then we will continue to live in my parents house as we were before only in different rooms as strangers. She insists that the house when I will buy should be in her name as she thinks i might create problems and may force her to sell it after divorce, I said it will in both our names and I will transfer it in her name after divorce is complete as I don't trust her that if she will not appear for the second motion to trouble me or suddenly change her mind that she doesn't want to divorce and want to continue living separately (I don't want to divorce through other routes like desertion, cruelty etc). My question to you is: 1) Should I buy the house in her name or not, or should it be jointly in both our names. 2) When filing first motion, can the papers have clear terms, that she cannot say no to a divorce if I do buy property in her name? 3) If she doesn't withdraw petition in first 6 months but chooses to not appear for the second motion to trouble me etc? will the court grant me a divorce after 18 months? Thanks your answer's will be really helpful.