in absence of my husband, how to have rits to stay at my inlaws

I got married on 11th of july 2013 We have a flat in diamond city north flat 3a. one of my sister in law lives separately from her husband , two kids one girl 13yrs one boy 5yrs, in flat 3e just next to ours. There is a connecting door between the two flat. Till the marriage ceremony main door of flat 3a was kept open n 2nd day of my marriage flat 3a door was looked up by my mother in law… the connecting door was opened n main door of 3e was said to b used for coming n going. Gadualy differences between me n my sister inlaw increased .. we dint liked each other … I opened flat 3a main door for my self … but then my mother in law who comes to Kolkata every 3months came n again by trick closed flat 3a main door n forced me to use flat 3e main door. The keys of flat 3e main door was exclusively handed over to my sister in law ..n my sister in law was to keep eye on my every activity n every thing I do or anywhere I go… all was reported back to my mother in law wn she was not in Kolkata….. The entire situation was nothing more than imprisionment for me…. Communicated my uncomfortable situation quite a number of time to my husband … but completely in influence of my inlaws my husband sushed me …… n forced me to live that horrible way…. My sister in law took full benefit of her upper situation started to make stories about me n started to spread bad word about me in the entire building… She dint let a single soul to come to flat 3a crossing the connecting door… n I felt absolutely lonely…. Told my husband again n again about the same .. n he said it’s natural… Because of all the bad word about me n people not able to meet me personaly I even dint had any kind of invitation to any kind of neighbors or relatives my mother in law is against me since the day i got married...... she wanted loads of money n things from her rich daughter in law... the marraige went a lot out side their budget.. so my in laws expected that after marraige i will fill that gap from gifts from my father my father tried n gave me watever was needed... but it was never enough they had already took away all the jewelry soon after my marraige from me .. saying they will keep it safe then they started mentaly torturing me ... in name of not cooking well.. not behaving with their daughters well n all... they stared spreading stories about radha bad behaviour.. not giving food to mother in law n all in all this my husband supported my inlaws . he started going to social function alone … outings alone there wasn’t a single Sunday or any day spend with his wife .. he never bought radha even a chocholate… n numerous such incident he punished radha emotionally if radha even denied to bring him a glass of water.. he use to stop touching food cloth or just anything touched by radha then… n many many more of such incidents ... n one day their is this big fight at home n my husband emotionly presurizing me made me leave our permanent adress n took me to a rented place .... in name of peaceful living there he started behaving badly with me ... n on asking for any thing of need to the extend of a bed to sleep in he started saying to all the world that radha is torturing sandeep mentaly...... for anything n everything he asked me to pay ... i paid from my savings n the money i received as marraige gifts ..... he told me he will pay me back ..... n wn i asked for the money n my jewelry he said he is loosing mental balance because of me ... this went on for two months ... not feeling secure at the rented house n my husbands weired behaviour ..i asked my father to take me back to my inlaws place to talk n solve matter... that was 21st july... my husband went missing on 21st july leaving a suiside note threatning me n my folks of imprionment ... my inlaws dint let me go to the police station for n FIR... n instead strated presurizing me for uncondiotional divorce .... which i denied... on 23rd my husband is found on his own n is admited to a hospital under pretext of mental instability... doctors asked him for discharge...but he thretened to commit suicide if discharged ... now he is out of the hospital but in hiding .... n gives statement to my parents though his relatives that he have already given all of radha’s jewelry to radha herself… my inlaws want me to leave their place ... m staying at my inlaws but all my expences are being paid by my father they say they do not have money to even pay for my food wat can i do