Mentally and financial harassment

Dear Sir, I am from Assam, my name is Anupam Kumar Singh age 32 living with my family in which I have 2sisters, father and mummy. Sir I would like to mention that till 2004 we were living as a joint family with my father's brother and in 2004 we got seprated at that time I was studying in 12th and my father's income was not enough for us. So i left my studies because he said he can't afford more and then in 2006 we started a pharmacy business of which i am the owner till now. Sir at 1st everything was alright between us but in 2013 last things changed. At that time I fall in love with a girl and wanted to marry her but unfortunately she was not of my religion and caste which was not accepted by my family and till date. Sir in the mean time one of my sister got married and I was told to wait till her marriage after that we will settle the issue and I will be given some financial help to get settled but now it almost 2yrs nothing happened. Then I asked why they are do such and I was told by the month of April 2016 they will give 3lacs. So now when I asked my money they say they can't give me. They rather threatened me whatever I want I can do and they will stop me and kick me out if I get married to that girl. Sir, 2006 till 2013 whatever I earned I spendedon them and did as their wish. Now I don't have a single penny and confused, depressed to what to do. Sir is there any way out by which i can get my financial enough to start my new life with the person I want. Thank you, Anupam Kumar Singh