Section 506/509 (IPC) - Please help

Hello All, An incident occurred in my society premises when a lady banged her car against mine. This was brought to my attention by the watchmen of the society. I confronted the lady in the society premises asking why she banged my car and that she has to pay for the damages. She completely denied knowing any such incident occurred. Moreover, she put the blame on me that I banged it and parked the car and now blaming her for it. This resulted in an argument. Few of the members who are close to her intervened and kept saying that she didn’t do anything. I told them to stay away from the matter as they were not involved. On further arguing, the lady started yelling and accusing me of being indisciplined. She yelled at my mother as well. I shouted at her and her friends. Finally the other members who were present quitened the matter. After about an hour, 2 police constables came to the building telling I was called by the Inspector. I went to the police station with my damaged car and few society members accompanied me as well. I was told by the Police Inspector that the lady had filed an FIR – IPC section 506 and 509 – for abusing, using profanity and threatening her. Her friends (also living in the same society) signed as witnesses. I have a recording from the building CCTV cameras that she was aware of the incident when she banged my car and discussing with the watchman. The CCTV camera has also capture the entire incident. The lady was not ready for an out of court settlement. When the society members told the Police Inspector that it was false, they were asked to leave the police station and wait outside. My mother was insulted as well. The Police Inspector refused to accept out complaint. I provided the entire recording from the CCTV camera to the Police Inspector (not sure what has been don’t of it). I had a court hearing and currently have paid to be out on bail. The chances of an out of court settlement are dim. I was called by the police on 2 more occasions – once for fingerprinting and second to meet the ACP. I went for finger printing. However, upon consultation with my lawyer, I did not go to meet the ACP as there is a Chapter case (as per the ACPs letter) which requires me to sign a 1 year behavioral bond. My lawyer will let me know if I need to sign this bond. Few more things to know: I am a member of the Managing Committee of the building. The lady and her aides are willful defaulters in paying maintenance to the society and always cause disruption in the smooth functioning of the matters of the building. Cases have been filed by this group on other members of the society as well. I am extremely stressed with this. Though out on bail and the next hearing date scheduled for next year, it is very disturbing for me and my family members. All policemen I talk to (when called for guidance) and lawyers say that I don’t need to worry and this will not have any impact as the conviction rate is very low in such cases. And that ladies always have an advantage. I am also being told that I was lucky she didn't tear her clothes and go to the police to file other charges. I am very worried of the following: 1. Is it true that she is at advantage and I will not be able to fight back? 2. Will this case ever get over? 3. Will I now have a criminal record against me (until proven not-guilty)? 4. What happens if I am proven guilty? (I know I won’t as this is a false case) 5. What is the impact on my career especially if my employer conducts a background verification check? 6. Will my passport not never be renewed? 7. Will there be problems in getting VISA as my work involves travelling for some time of the year? 8. Can I not file a case against her for banging my car, abusing my mother, causing stress to me and my family and provocation? I request your guidance.