Husband conspiring and pushing for divorce

Dear Lawyer(s), I am a working professional lady from a low-middle class family. I got married (arranged) to an IT Professional 5 years back and have a 4 years old daughter. I found my husband's affair with one girl soon after the marriage and for that I had a serious argument with my husband. He ended up beating me. In the end everything was sorted out by elders of both families and we were instructed to live together again. However, since then he started hacking my emails and phone to find some evidences against me. 8 months back he again accused me of having an affair with one of my cousin brother (8 years younger to me) and created a scene. Than a month later he stole my phone in night, hacked it and emailed all the whtsapp chat logs to his id. One of these chat logs is with my male colleague and it contains some personal jokes and very friendly gestures and comments about flirt. It also had our chat in which I shared my family issues with him, specially about my physical harassment. But nothing relevant to affair or sex or anything like it. After this my husband informed everyone including relatives, family members, friends and our neighbours that I am having an affair with my colleague and I am planning to kill him. He used to first verbally harass me to provoke and and than did video recordings all the time using his phone. He broke all the door locks of my room and toilets and at one point he harassed me so much by recording when I was bathing and even breast feeding my daughter, that I had to leave home in night with my daughter. I actually first dialed 100 to call police but as he gave them some money they left without any help. After I reached my parent's home in other state, my father took me to a lawyer and we lodged two cases of Domestic Violence and Dowry. However, 8 months have passed and no fruitful results have been received. He has already got bail in 498a, no progress in domestic violence case, maintenance case is also pending. My husband is earning much better than me so he can afford a good lawyer, bribe police officers, or can do anything he wants. Since last 8 months I have been paying for expenses of my own, my daughter and these court proceedings. In between he offered me an amount of 5 Lakh and leave the house and divorce him. But I am determined that I won't let him walk away like this. Since last few days he has been threatening me that he has my audio recordings of last 8 months and on basis of that he will get my all cases rejected. I am slowly running out of money and patience as my little daughter's future is also ruining. Is there a way of fast proceedings for these kind of cases?? or any sort of positive help. I would be more than happy to pay for the services as long as I get a clear picture.