Divorce from India but residing in USA

Hello Lawyers, I am a male having issues with my married life. We got married on Jan 2010. I am a H1b visa holder and our marriage happened as per hindu marriage act. I am citizen of India living in USA. My wife recently started working for the same company where i work on her H4 EAD. She was always herrasing me that I should give her divorce and this has been going on forever. We dont have any kids at this time. I fulfilled all her wishes and always thought she would think maturedly one day, Finally I came to a point where i cannot take anymore. I came to India and filed for divorce while she is till there in US. Now she dont want to leave me. I came to india with all the evidence i have, i did record audio conversations between us. Now my question is: can she again file a case against me for a divorce in US? Can she claim for my property in US ? Which law will be applicable in this case, since i filed my case in India will it be Indian law or US law can interfere? After going back can i stay in the same home as i cannot afford to rent another home i am paying huge mortgage already on this home? Can i sell my car? Should i take legal advice from a lawyer in US? She always wanted me to give divorce but she she dont want to, what are her intentions behind it? For her to go for a visa see needs my documents, if i go back under what pressure she can put me under legally to provide those? It would be great of you can help me with these questions. Thank you